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    IKKO OH10 Wired Earbuds

    IKKO OH10 in-Ear Monitor, Detachable Design in-Ear Headphone/Earphone,10mm Dynamic Drive + Knowles 33518 Balanced Drive Dual Hybrid Pure copper cavity hybrid structure:It is made of pure copper combined with the...

    IKKO CTU01 Upgraded cable

    $59.00 $53.10
    IKKO CTU01/Arc SPCOCC Material HiFi Audiophile in-Ear Monitor Cable/Earphone Cable for OH1,OH10,EN700 Pro,NO.3 127um high purity single crystal copper silver-plated core, providing better resolution Thicker silver-plated layer, more transparent ultra-high...

    IKKO Zerda ITM01 Portable Audio DAC Detachable Magnetic Cable Adapter

    IKKO Zerda ITM01 Portable Headphone Amplifier, 3.5mm Audio DAC Detachable Magnetic Cable Adapter, Use ESS9298 High Performance Custom DAC Chip,Full System Compatibility(3.5mm Type-C / Lightning) Three Modes Can Be Switched...

    IKKO Wired Earbuds Gems OH1S

    IKKO Gems OH1S in-Ear Monitor ,Wired Earbuds Headphones, Noise-Isolating IEM Earphones with MMCX Detachable Cables Adopting SVAS Technology---IKKO in-ear monitor adopt unique Separating Vector Acoustics System technology, the precisely designed...

    IKKO OH2 in-Ear Monitor Earphones

    Product parameters: 1. Metal + high permeability PC shell material;2. Gold plated FPC unit wire;3.8mm beryllium diaphragm moving coil;4. MMCX interface, elliptical sound nozzle;5. Impedance 32 Ω (to be determined);6....

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