iKKO ActiveBuds Win iF Design Award 2024 for Revolutionary Audio Innovation

iKKO has secured the prestigious iF Design Award 2024 for their innovative iKKO ActiveBuds. This achievement underscores iKKO’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and exceptional design in the audio industry.


The award ceremony, held on June 21, 2024, recognized the iKKO ActiveBuds in the competitive Audio category. This accolade celebrates the product's outstanding design and technological ingenuity.

The iKKO ActiveBuds are designed to provide users with an unparalleled audio experience, with the vision to revolutionize the personal audio landscape. Embracing both minimalism and versatility, their eco-conscious design incorporates a slide cover that optimizes space. The compact case houses premium components and a durable battery, while the 1.8'' AMOLED touchscreen and side touch bar provide seamless control and visual interaction.

ActiveBuds support online streaming from apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, with options for offline music storage and customizable EQ settings. Features such as a high-bitrate Bluetooth codec and custom hardware EQ offer a personalized and undisturbed audio experience. The case also acts as a Bluetooth command center, managing speakers and streamlining transfers.

These state-of-the-art earphones also feature voice AI assistance via interaction with ChatGPT and real-time translation across over 45 languages. An ever-expanding app library continuously enriches functionality and creativity. A SIM card slot and Wi-Fi capabilities ensure network connectivity for advanced technological features. ActiveBuds reduce smartphone dependence by creating a versatile ecosystem, personalized for various uses such as productivity, studying, entertainment, sports, or more.

Adaptive technology, supported by a cloud-based update service, continuously refines the user experience, positioning ActiveBuds as a paragon of innovative, user-centric and future-proof personal audio technology.

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Echo Chan, CEO of iKKO, expressed delight over the achievement:

"The inception of ActiveBuds aims to transcend feature-packed products that neglect user engagement and sustainability. Winning the iF Design Award is a remarkable achievement for iKKO. It validates our relentless pursuit of innovation and our dedication to creating products that enhance the audio experience in an entertainment-rich, tech era. With ActiveBuds, people no longer need to purchase different TWSs for different occasions; the era of True Smart Earphones has now started with us."

Experts at the award ceremony also provided positive feedback on ActiveBuds, highlighting the product's strong differentiation, functionality, and innovative concept. They noted that this groundbreaking product marks the beginning of a new era for smart earphones, presenting a cutting-edge and novel approach that inspires the entire wearable tech industry to innovate. As a pioneer, iKKO has set a commendable example. The jury expressed their hope to see more transformative ideas like ActiveBuds that can reshape the industry and eagerly anticipate the future developments of this revolutionary product.




About iKKO Audio

Established in 2019, iKKO is a pioneer in the audio industry, renowned for its high-quality audio devices and innovative designs.

About the iF Design Award

Since 1953, the iF Design Award has been one of the world’s most prestigious design accolades, honoring exceptional design achievements across various fields.

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