IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors | Sweet Sound On The Go!

IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors | Sweet Sound On The Go!

023 Are you struggling to find professional in-ear monitors with a high-definition sound that you can use during a stage performance or music recording? If yes then, don't worry because we have got your back. We are going to introduce innovative in-ear monitors that can produce a smoother high-end sound. We understand that the crowd's noise can be really distracting at times. Moreover, if you are a musician or a performer, then while recording your music, the background noise can be a problem for you. So, you need something to block all the background noise to hear what you are producing accurately. Today we are going to resolve this issue for you. All you need is a pair of premium quality in-ear monitors. Keep reading to know more about IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors that can be a perfect choice for you.

Difference Between In-Ear Monitors And Earphones

Earphones and in-ear monitors are both portable audio devices and are inserted directly into the ears. However, there are some noticeable differences between them as well. For instance, the earphones rest on the outer ear and do not get fixed. On the other hand, as the name suggests, the in-ear monitor gets set directly into the ear canals and completely seals the ear canal. Moreover, when using regular earphones, you can hear the background noise when the audio volume is low. In comparison, while using in-ear monitors, you will not hear any external noise at all, even at low volumes. In addition, the in-ear monitors can also be custom-made according to the shape of your ear canals, but the earphones only come in universal shapes.

What Makes IKKO OH1S Earphones So Special?

When it comes to in-ear monitors, there are many options available in the market. However, the quality of those in-ear monitors is not promising. Ikko OH1S in-ear monitors offer a superior sound quality. The sound is very clear and vivid, making these in-ear monitors superior to the other in-ear monitors. Furthermore, the earbuds of IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors are wired; thus, the sound directly goes from the monitor to your ear canals without any external interruption. This is what makes the sound quality high-end. Moreover, their perfect fitting and lightweight also give them a plus point over other in-ear monitors.

Where To Use These Exceptional IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors?

You can use IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors where ever you like. These in-ear monitors directly connect to smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. So, you can carry them with you wherever you go and enjoy the high-quality music on the go. The premium quality protective case comes in the packaging for easy carrying, which is ideal for keeping the in-ear monitors. Moreover, you can use these in-ear monitors for monitoring your sound in a stage performance. It allows you to sing with more precision as you can hear very accurate sounds while wearing it. You can also use these for studio monitoring. Not only that, but you can also use them as regular earphones for the home theatre listening experience.

How To Clean The Eartips Of The IKKO OH1S Earphones?

To maintain good quality audio, regular cleaning of the earpiece is also very essential. The process is effortless and requires no special equipment at all. You can clean them once every week. This helps in maintaining the premium audio quality. All you have to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below. Step 1: Detach the earphones if they are attached to any device. Step 2: Carefully remove the ear tip from the earphones. Step 3: Remove the meta grids from the dirty nozzles. Step 4: Now, take a dampened microfiber cloth and wipe off the residue from the earphone's nozzle. Make sure that no liquid flows into the nozzle. Step 5: Finally, attach the ear tips back to the nozzle. Also, clean the ear tips regularly using a piece of cloth. You can use water and a mild cleaning agent if needed.

IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors

IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors are equipped with aerospace alloy sound cavities. The cavity of the earpiece is made with a very lightweight alloy. It weighs only about 6 grams on each side. The design of the earpiece is such that it perfectly fits in your ear and doesn't fall off. The provided connector cable of the earphones comes with a standard 3.5 mm jack. Moreover, you are provided with three foam ear tips in the package, a large one, a medium-sized, and a small-sized tip, so you can easily attach the one that is perfect for your ear canal. You are also provided with seven silicon ear tips with sizes extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. All of them easily attach to the nozzle of the earphone. Furthermore, you are also provided with a solid protective case for these earphones. You can put your earphones in it to avoid entangling. You are also given an extra pair of wire grids. In case you damage or lose the attached grids, you can replace them with those. The manufacturer provides a user manual with straightforward and comprehensive instructions for using the in-ear monitors. The sound sensitivity of these in-ear monitors is about 106 decibels, while the impedance is 18 ohms. In addition to that, the length of the cable is ideal, about 1.3 meters. The earpiece is equipped with a nano carbon dynamic coil and 127nm silver-plated mmcx wire, which results in premium quality audio.

Incredible Features Of IKKO OH1S In-Ear Monitors

Let's see what the amazing features that IKKO OH1S in-ear monitor earphones offer the users are.
  • Ergonomic Design

IKKO OH1S in-ear earphones are designed according to the natural shape of the ear. This makes them fit perfectly and avoid any discomfort to the ears even when used for a long time. Once you place them in your ears and start enjoying the audio, you will forget about them.
  • Comfortable Frequency

The sound frequency of these in-ear monitors is ideal for your ears. It gives a dynamic sound in low-frequency, while in high frequency, it produces an elegant, delicate, and natural sound. The sound definition is the same in low volume and helps avoid hearing damage due to high volume.
  • Unique Look

The fancy look of these in-ear monitors is also very appealing. They come in beautiful deep and ethereal blue color. The connection wire is silver plated and looks like an actual chain. This luxurious design is loved by music lovers and well-received by everyone.
  • Portability

Due to its small size, you can carry it in your pocket wherever you go. In the package, you are also provided with a small, elegantly designed pouch. You can carry your earphones in the provided pouch. Also, it is of premium quality and is highly durable.
  • Premium Quality Audio

The audio quality of these IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors makes them the best earphones available. They are better than many wireless earbuds because these in-ear monitors use wires that preserve the sound quality and make it clear and avoid screeching sounds.
  • Durability

The quality of material used in the manufacturing of IKKO OH1S in-ear earphones makes them very durable. You can use them regularly for years, and they won't get damaged. Overall, these are the best in terms of quality that you can get at this price range.


  • Elegant design.
  • Lightweight.
  • High-definition sound.
  • Eartips are provided in the package.


  • Fewer color choices.
  • No snapping connectors.

Tips To Avoid Discomfort And Ear Damage While Using In-Ear Monitors:

Hearing loud sounds can cause permanent hearing issues. Especially the musicians are 57% more likely to develop conditions like tinnitus because they have to sing in loud crowd noises. Using these in-ear monitors can prevent such diseases as well. Here we will mention a few tips for using in-ear monitors to help avoid hearing issues and ear damage.
  • Always keep the volume at a minimum level and adjust the volume after placing the earphones in your ears.
  • If you are going to listen to something for an extended period, keep the volume as low as possible.
  • Do not hear loud music for a long time, as it can damage your eardrum.
  • To avoid discomfort to your ear canal, always use the right size of ear tips. You can try multiple ear tips and then select the right one.
  • Follow the safety instructions mentioned in the user manual.

Final words:

To sum it up, IKKO OH1S has all the features you should look for in an ideal in-ear monitor. If you liked the features, you could easily place an order online for yourself. Also, these amazing in-ear monitors will be a good value for your money. We hope that this comprehensive article proved to be very helpful for you if you want to get high quality and fantastic in-ear monitor for yourself.

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