The Story Behind: iKKO ActiveBuds

The birth of ActiveBuds transforms the 'S' in TWS into true 'Smart.' Welcome to the next generation of smart earphones.


Since the launch of AirPods, countless brands have entered the world of the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) market. Yet, despite countless micro-advancements over the years, Bluetooth earphones have remained have another tech accessory, with no revolutionary expectations in sight.

iKKO dared to lead the change. For four relentless years, we, a group of sound enthusiasts, explored, researched, and innovated, driven by a vision to revolutionize the world of audio. In the final days of 2023, our efforts culminated in the pioneering product: iKKO ActiveBuds.

As the world’s first AI-smart TWS earphones with an AMOLED touchscreen, ActiveBuds redefine TWS as 'True Wireless Smart.' With iKKO’s innovative concepts and patented technology, they achieved unprecedented breakthroughs in the earphone industry, in music, productivity, and lifestyle. They herald a new era where interactions between people and sound become intelligent, interactive, and intuitive.

So, what makes ActiveBuds unique?


The Setup: A Standalone Versatile Device in Essence

Touchscreen Marvel

Beyond storing and charging earphones—functions typical of traditional TWS cases—the ActiveBuds case emerges as a standalone, smart device brimming with versatile capabilities. Equipped with an AMOLED touchscreen, they invite users to effortlessly navigate a range of built-in apps through simple finger gestures.

Multi-Paring Magic

Both ActiveBuds earphones and the case offer versatile connectivity options with multiple devices:

The earphones (dubbed Buds) can be paired with any multiple kinds of device, including your smartphones, tablets, or computers, in addition to the ActiveBuds case. They remember the last 7 connected devices and can simultaneously connect to 2.

The case, which supports high-bitrate Bluetooth pairing, can pair with the Buds, other Bluetooth earphones, or Bluetooth speakers. On top of that, it can pair with media players, computers, and smartphones for file transfer.

Ever-Evolving iKKO EarSync OS

iKKO’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the continuous refinement of EarSync, our proprietary operating system. With automatic over-the-air updates (OTA updates) every 4-6 weeks, users can enjoy the latest advancements in technological grace and sophistication.


The Tech: Break into the Field of Smart Tech

The AI Voice Assistance ChatGPT

ChatGPT, along with other Large Language Models (LLMs), is integrated into ActiveBuds, allowing for instant interactions. This feature enables users to navigate and solve complex queries with wit and finesse.

The Real-Time Translator

ActiveBuds’ voice translation function is powered by iKKO's proprietary ZenoV AI and Mixture of Experts (MoE), which coordinates RNNs/CNNs and BERT models for multitask translation. 

With these models, ActiveBuds support over 45 languages with 95% translation accuracy and 98% speech-to-text accuracy. This capability sets ActiveBuds apart as the sole TWS capable of providing two-way interpretation without the aid of additional devices.

Ever-Growing App Library

The ActiveBuds App store is continually expanding, featuring a diverse range of complimentary apps (such as music, Pomodoro timer, and de-stress games) available for download. With regular updates, users can access the latest features, ensuring their ActiveBuds remain cutting-edge and versatile for audio, professional, and entertainment needs.


The Hardware: Engineered for Wireless Hi-Res Solutions

Pioneering Smart Case for Wireless Hi-Res

ActiveBuds feature self-developed high-bitrate decoding technology that supports hi-resolution audio (Hi-Res), setting a new benchmark for lossless audio transmission in wireless devices. This makes ActiveBuds the first smart TWS to support a wireless Hi-Fi audio experience.

Tailored Hardware EQ for audiophiles

Designed for the discerning audiophile, ActiveBuds allow users to customize the earphones’ hardware equalizer / EQ directly on the case. This personalized setting can be applied across different playback devices and streaming platforms.

Future-Proof Earphone Firmware

Continuous firmware updates for the earphones are achieved via the Internet (OTA). These updates continuously optimize noise cancellation, audio quality, and Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring that your listening experience keeps getting better over time. 



iKKO ActiveBuds are not just another leap forward in TWS technology; they are a revolution. Continuously evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, ActiveBuds open the door to a new era in audio innovation. With every update and enhancement, iKKO is determined to redefine your auditory experience, bringing unparalleled quality, intelligence, and convenience to your everyday life.

We invite you to experience the future of sound with iKKO ActiveBuds. Each note, each interaction, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. Join us on this journey and elevate your audio experience like never before.




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