What To Do If Your Headphone’s Microphone Is Not Working?

EmilieLo - Oct 28 2021

We are sure you're tired of spending money on a new set of headphones every month. Seems inevitable at this stage, right?
It is common to face issues such as the microphone of your headphones not working. Usually, we throw those headphones away and replace them with another set. That again stays around for a bit. Sometimes, you can fix the microphone issue by altering your device settings or changing parts of the headset. Listed below are some possibilities for why your headphones' microphone may not be working, followed by simple hacks you can use to fix the issue. The next time you decide to toss away your headphones into the trash can, try to check all aspects and apply all fixes to it. Make sure to read the article to the end, as you will get a perfect solution to your issue and manage to save a couple of bucks.

Why Is The Microphone Of My Headphones Not Working?

Denied Access To The Microphone
You need to grant access to your microphone on your computer. If you don't do so, every time you try using the mic, the screen will show a “Denied access to microphone” dialogue box. 

Outdated Audio Drivers 
Your headset will not work if your audio drivers are outdated. The mic on your headset is affected, and you will be unable to use your headphones properly.

Background Applications 
Opening up multiple audios using apps such as Skype and Discord at a time may cause your headset mic to stop working.

Hardware Connectivity Issues 
There might be a problem with either your headphones or your computer or both. Making connectivity difficult, and your headphones don't work.

Incompatible Audio L
You might face issues connecting your headphones to your phone or the computer if the audio jack is incompatible with your headset. 

Damaged Cable
If the cable of your headphones is damaged or broken, the mic won't connect, and you will be unable to use them.

Headset Not Set To Default
Another reason your headphones are not working maybe that they are not set as default on your computer. You need to change the default settings to fix it.  

How To Fix The Microphone:Simple Hacks

Check If The Mic Is Muted. Accidentally or on purpose, if you have pressed the mute button, there is no way your mic will work. Please check if that is why your microphone is not working or there is some genuine issue. Unmute it in that case and it will begin working.

Position Mic Correctly. It would help if you positioned your mic correctly and in front of your mouth while speaking to work properly.

Clean Your Mic . Clean any dust particles that might have accumulated on your mic mesh screen that is blocking your voice. There can also be debris in the jack that is causing microphone problems. Doing an overall cleanup is an easy fix.

Increase The Volume. Increasing the volume of the microphone can help you fix the issue. Once you do that, check if the problem persists or not.

Set Your Microphone As Default .To use the mic on your headphones, all you need to do is set your microphone a default. To do that, follow the steps provided.

• Open the control panel. From there, find large icons.

 • Go to sounds and in the recording options.

• Right-click on the empty space. You can view all disabled devices from there. 

• Enable the microphone of your headphones from there.

• Right-click and set it as default. 

 • Your microphone will start working once you confirm the changes.

Allow Microphone Access. To allow microphone access go to settings. Then click "Privacy." You will find the microphone option there. Turn it on, and you're good to go. 

Shut Background Applications. Close any extra applications like Discord that use your microphone. While using the microphone on your headphones, use one application at once.   

Update Audio Drivers. Automatically update your audio drivers by using the application called 'Driver Easy." Run the software, and it will scan all your device drivers and tell you which ones need to be updated. You can easily update your audio drivers from there. Check if the issue persists after updating.

Replace The Cable. If the cable was damaged, the only way to get your headphones to work back is to replace them. Please buy a new cable so it won't have any connectivity issues.

Replace The Plug/Socket.Sometimes the plugs and sockets of your computer aren't working correctly, and you have to get them replaced so that you can connect your microphone to your computer.
Moreover, they may not be compatible with each other.If there are three stereo rings in the socket while the plug has four, compatibility problems arise. It is a mismatch. Make sure you check the compatibility before you purchase newer ones.

Troubleshoot.Troubleshooting hardware issues include trying to connect to a different port or a different computer. Try out a different port to connect your headphones. After that, connect your headphones to another device. If the computer hard drives were faulty, your issue would be resolved this way. If it still stays, it means that the problem is in your headphones.

Replace The Headset.If your issue hasn't been solved after trying all the above solutions, it means that your headsets life is finished, and it's time to get a new one. 

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There are several reasons why the microphone of your headset is not working. Majorly there are compatibility issues of the audio jack or damaged cable. Many manufacturers ignore the quality; these issues are bound to arise. Sometimes, your device could have issues, such as permission problems, that you can effortlessly fix.
It would be best if you had headphones that use the latest technology, last long and are built with the finest material to provide exemplary sound quality.

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