IKKO Musikv OH7

ikko    IKKO Musikv OH7

Ikko Musikv oh7 new flagship large in-ear headphones
1. The global breakthrough appearance technology, the whole copper cavity with the jewelry-level hand-carving process, the same pattern! Inspired by the Vienna Golden Hall, the oh7 is full of sound!
2. The new 90 ohm 10mm deposited nano-carbon moving coil unit, the ultra-difficult deposition process makes nano-carbon better than the traditional coating process, so that the diaphragm is ultra-thin and maintains sufficient steel. Even at 90 ohms In the case of impedance, it is still easy to push.
Parameters: Impedance 90 ohms Sensitivity 105db
Sound: It has a transparent air sense, but it also has a full of low frequency. The high frequency of the intermediate frequency of the moving iron is transparent and natural. The whole atmosphere is worshipped.


2019年11月6日 23:11