Brand Story

  • IKKO aims to promote the new concept of “freedom” and high fidelity for music lovers in the context of the rapid development of modern digital music.
  • IKKO is committed to integrating the new era of digital life design concept into unremitting innovation, bringing superior audio-visual experience.

IKKO’s design philosophy:

  • Through our excellent product experience, our mission and value have been completely new interpretation. Through the concept of product design, modern people are closely integrated with the “mobile Internet” lifestyle.
  • Simple and clear operation, natural and comfortable experience, is our product design a consistent choice. At the same time. We require that all product designs, processes and performance be kept up to date and constantly innovated.
  • IKKO constantly explores the aesthetics of life and constantly presents the product concepts of the current era to the world, allowing consumers to fully enjoy the joy of life in unexpected ways.
  • What we insist on doing is to make IKKO bring you the sensory world and touch music’s soul experience with higher quality and simplicity.

Excellent ergonomic design:

  • Based on a wide range of ergonomic design principles and simulation of wear test data, IKKO designs a high-quality product appearance and experience
  • IKKO’s ultimate pursuit of products is reflected in its requirements for all details

 Excellent tuning techniques:


  • Ikko has rich experience in audio tuning to ensure that the sound performance of each product is impressive enough.
  • Ikko makes full use of sound technology and carefully polishes every detail in order to meet your high-quality requirements for sound quality.