Thanksgiving giveaway

Nov. 21-Nov. 28

Receive a $30 Spotify gift card with orders over $149 on a first-come, first-served basis


Gift Card Of Spotify


Gift Card Of Spotify

Event Rules

1.Conditions of Participation: 

Receive a $30 Spotify gift card for orders over $149, limited to 50 people

2. One account can only receive once

3. This event has nothing to do with the official Spotify, gift cards cannot be transferred or returned.

4. The gift card will be sent to you via email 7 days after your confirmation of receipt (if you don't receive it, please check your junk email or contact our online customer service to get it)

Please note that if your order has generated a refund but you have received a Spotify gift card, we will deduct the $30 for the purchase of a Spotify membership from your refund amount(Once a gift card is given, it cannot be recalled)

Redemption and Use Instructions

There is no time limit on the use of the gift card, please click here for the terms of use.

Please go to the Spotify Official Website to redeem your rewards.







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