Get Exceptional Music Experience With IKKO OH2


Are you looking for the Best IEM headphones under your budget to make your music listening experience the best one ever? 

Treat your ears this year with the exceptional IKKO OH2, the best IEM headphones you can get. IKKO is a renowned audio brand known to manufacture the best affordable audio products. IKKO OH2 is going to launch soon in IKKO IEM collection series. 

It makes me wonder how anybody can listen to distorted music and tolerate the noisy interference. The last time I remember using regular AirPods was years ago until I discovered the privileges of using an affordable IEM headphone.

Most of the In-Ear headphones would promise loads of functionality, but very few deliver quality audio. IKKO OH2 is the successor and improved version of all the products ever manufactured. Our designers have removed all the possible ergonomic and functional errors to make it your best buy ever.

New & Better Performing IEM Headphones “IKKO OH2”

The new generation IKKO OH2 is quite an aesthetic one to wear anywhere and anytime. Plug into relaxation with your favorite songs with IKKO OH2, and Plug out with the disturbing world. Most of the IEM users globally had complained of strained ears gradually causing ear damage.

Thus while on our way to product designing, planning features, and functionalities. We considered getting some ear experts on board to give us expert advice as we wanted IKKO OH2 to ensure maximum ear protection with high-quality audio output. 

More About IKKO OH2 | Specifications & Features

Introducing you to the exceptional features of IKKO OH2, enabling its High-performance, maximum ear safety with dynamic nano headset. Check out all the functional privileges IKKO OH2 offers to its users.

Ergonomically Friendly Design

Introducing you to the exceptional features of IKKO OH2, enabling its High-performance, maximum ear safety with dynamic nano headset. Check out all the functional privileges IKKO OH2 offers to its users.

Dynamic Headphone

32Ω carbon units were used to manufacture the dynamic headphone with a nano diaphragm. To achieve enhanced penetration and treble resolution of full audio range while using IKKO OH2 to listen to your favorite music. 
IKKO is determined to continue its streamlined manufacturing style using high-quality metal and polycarbonate material in all new generation IEMs. 

High-Tech For Better Performance 

IKKO OH2 adds maximum value to the buyer’s life. The transparent site of the headphone body gives a techy humanoid sense while you enjoy your music. The polycarbonate material makes the IEM headphone body hardcore, crack-resistant, scratch-resistant, and harder to break on incidental falling off. 

More Efficient IEM Headphones With High-Sensitivity 

High sensitivity is the feature induced with low resistance FPC using a 24k Gold plated circuit board. High sensitivity is much gentle to your inner ear space causing low wavelength and lesser audio pressure. This feature of high sensitivity ensures maximum ear protection. 

Diligently Designed For High-Quality Audio

Metal cavity structure maintains excellent audio quality by maximizing the volume, reflection, and diffusion angles unit performance in the limited nano diaphragm space. However, metal cavity ensures quality audio through optimal tonal balance, frequency range, harmonic structure, dynamics, transient attack, decay imaging, and sound staging.

IKKO OH2 24K Gold Board

Now with IKKO OH2, you can flex wearing our gold plated board IEM headphones. For faster audio conductivity IKKO OH2 is builts based on a newly adopted 24K immersion gold plated board. This tech reduces noise distortion giving the best listening experience.The 24k Gold plated circuit board optimizes the microcurrent, plus ultra-low resistance FPC and uniquely designed cavity connection to effectively improve the audio transmission rate. 

Ultra-Low Resistance 

With our Ultra-low FPC technology, the metal cavity of IKKO OH2 allows you to listen to high-quality full-range audio at low impedance levels (the slightest frequency pressure, i.e., under 25 ohms exerted onto your inner ear space). This is a great feature to ensure ear protection and cause no damage to your auditory system.

Available In 5 Different Vibrant Colors

Nowadays, Tech gadgets need to have it all. Stylish and techy IEM headphones with the test built-in are more in consumer demand and trending worldwide. Get noticed wearing any one of the vibrant colored IEM while you indulge yourself into your audio world with our IKKO OH2. 

How To Wear The IKKO OH2 For Realistic Audio Experience 

Just hold the Earplug, drag its cord over and behind your ear, and the rest of the cord should be behind your back. Insert the canal portion of the earplug into your ear. Keep rotating the earpiece towards the back of your head while pushing the earplug portion inside your ear canal. 

To get the maximum audio output, the user needs to critically understand how to tuck in the topmost helix portion of the earplug into the ear folds, confirming that the earplug is fully inserted. 

Push the outer ear portion so the cable around it bends contouring according to your ear's shape. Confirm you have sealed your earpiece is really well tucked; otherwise, there will be a significant base loss in your music.

Proper Storing & Maintenance To Avoid Damage To The Device 

Nobody wants their favorite IEM gadgets to break all of a sudden. Actually, the poor storing style and carelessness can also damage the IEM device. There are a few tips & tricks IEM users should adapt to keep it good as new even after years.

Make Good Use Of Your Headphone’s Case.

Like your spectacles, your headphones also need a protective casing to avoid any damage to the body, least interaction of the headphones with all the dust and moisture in the air. You can utilize the headphone case you had received with the parcel. 
However, you can also buy a new one with a retro artistic image of your favorite celeb, amine, or art to add a fashion statement to it. Remember to always hang your headphones on an elevated stand in case you use them more frequently. You can use Binder clips to hang your headphones.

DIY Headphone Containers

Maybe you have lost your original headphone container, so you can really make one at home easily. Take any rectangular container like a Tic Tac box or sewing spool, remove the brand’s cover and let’s get a bit creative and decorate it with stickers or acrylic paints. 

Keep Your Headphones’ Cords Wrapped 

If you are one of those people who just threw away their headphones’ cord only to get a super-tangled cord next time? Then you should quit this habit of yours now. First of all, learning to wrap the cords nicely is not rocket science. Let’s start with how to wrap your cord like a Pro.

1. Holding Your Plugs using your middle fingers all together at one place, separate from the cords. Do keep in mind not to stretch the cord too tightly.

2. Take your thumb and index finger out only and start rolling the cord wire of the headphone around both ends of your fingers in a twisted manner.

3. Keep folding the cords in a similar manner until reaching the end, that is, earplugs.

4. Finally, take some end of the cord and wrap around the center point, wrapping the earplug making a simple bow out of it.

Headphone Hygiene

The inside of your earplug is contaminated with your ear wax, whereas the outside is with dirt and bacteria from the air. That's why you need to clean both inside and outside carefully, so your ears don't get infected. Such ear infections can be really painful and damaging to hearing ability as well. 

Final Words For The IKKO OH2 Buyers

IKKO OH2 will prove to be your best buy ever as it provides the user with everything an audiophile needs, whether a professional musician, singer, or just a regular guy looking for high-quality headphones to enjoy their favorite songs. 

You will love our new IEM with the latest smart tech providing you with 24k gold plated, low frequency, high sensitivity for maximum ear protection, and stylish design.