ActiveBuds: AI-Smart

World's First Earphones with a AI-Smart System and Vivid Touchscreen

Next-Gen Professional Listening

World’s First AI-Smart TWS Earbuds and Master-Crafted In-Ear Monitors

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Mini Control Hub of Streaming Music!

Enjoy your favourite sound anytime!

  • ChatGPT

    Voice Dialog with ChatGPT is now live! With an AI assistant always at the ready, you can ask any questions you are wondering about at any time.
  • Translation

    Designed for a connected world with advanced simultaneous interpretation technology, instantly translating conversations in up to 40 languages.
  • DAC EQ Music

    Tailor your audio settings to your preferences with customizable EQ, immerse yourself in your favorite tunes without distractions.
  • Wi-Fi/SIM Card

    Stay connected on the go with 4G internet and SIM card support. Receive calls and messages without a phone, perfect for workouts or outdoor adventures.

High-Fidelity, True Music.

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