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Obsidian OH10

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Experience superior bass and gem-quality aesthetics with iKKO OH10's single DD and Knowles 33518 balanced electric drive. Features include a polymer titanium-coated diaphragm, low distortion crossover, and copper alloy design.

    Obsidian OH10
    Obsidian OH10
    Obsidian OH10
    Obsidian OH10
    Obsidian OH10
    iKKO® Obsidian-OH10 - ikkoaudio
    iKKO® Obsidian-OH10 - ikkoaudio
    iKKO® Obsidian-OH10 - ikkoaudio
    iKKO® Obsidian-OH10 - ikkoaudio
    iKKO® Obsidian-OH10 - ikkoaudio

    Product Specifications
    • Plug Diameter: 3.5mm
    • Impedance: 18Ω
    • Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
    • Frequency Response Range: 20-40KHz
    • Cable Length: 1.2m
    • Sound Principle: Hybrid Dynamic and Balanced Armature Drivers
    • Connector: 0.78mm Two-Pin Connector
    • Cable Material: 27um High-Purity Single Crystal Copper Plated Wire
    • Balanced Armature Drivers: Knowles 33518
    • Dynamic Drivers: Polymer Titanium-Coated Diaphragm
    • Main Material: Copper Alloy with Skin-Friendly Coating
    ONE-YEAR Warranty

    The OH10 comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.
    The warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.
    We reserve the right to repair or replace any defective product under warranty.


    We provide Free standard international shipping orders over $99 / Express international shipping orders over $299.

    Superior Listening Experience

    The OH10's ergonomic design, along with the included earplugs, minimizes discomfort and foreign body sensations during long listening sessions. This thoughtful design helps listeners to immerse themselves in their music without distractions, providing a superior audio experience.

    Pure Copper Cavity Structure

    The OH10's pure copper cavity structure is not just visually stunning, but it also reduces internal harmonic resonance distortion. The dual titanium drivers combined with pure copper design create a more delicate and natural sound. This allows listeners to experience music details that they may have never heard before. The three-layer coating on the exterior of the cavity creates a piano-like black luster and provides an antibacterial effect.

    Exceptional Fit and Comfort

    The OH10 is designed with a round nozzle that contours to the shape of the human ear canal, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. This ergonomic design reduces sound leakage and allows for extended wear without causing discomfort or foreign body sensations.

    Detachable Cable

    The OH10 comes with a detachable 2-pin 0.78mm high-purity OFC silver-plated cable that provides excellent high-frequency extension and low-frequency strength. This cable helps to enhance sound separation and discrimination while reducing distortion. The cable is also highly durable and resistant to tangling, making it perfect for on-the-go listening.

    What's in the box?

    • 1 * OH10 IEMs
    • 1 * 2-pin 0.78mm-3.5mm cable
    • 1 * Metal logo brooch
    • 1 * Warranty card
    • 1 * Instructions
    • 6 pair silicone ear tips

    Reviews from youtubers

    • @zpolt

    • @NingSelect

    • @OfficialGamesky

    I honestly think at their cost they truly deliver above what you pay for - very good sound, solid build and beautiful packaging. The sound is certainly colored but I'm a basshead so they totally float my boat.

    - Passion for Sound

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    The OH10's are so good, one off my all time favorite IEM's. I have the Zerda also, it's a great choice for a quality dongle DAC. Might have to give the Arc a try.

    - NingSelect

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    Those amps have power. So many BT devices lack the ability to properly drive most iems. I just got my Arc about a month ago and I am very impressed by it. This was another great video man. The Ikko Oh1 are nice so I can only imagine how special the Oh-10's are.

    - Gamesky

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 61 reviews
    Dragoljub Ć.

    IKKO OH10 Obsidian
    Really great with FLAC material using foobar2000 and RetroArch upsampler, and also my own electronic music in Ableton Live, going through RME Fireface UCX II at 192kHz (96kHz in Ableton Live), the original cable, and some cheap 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter. Also very good with Moondrop Dawn 4.4mm over phone and CTU-01 cable, although I didn't get it to work in higher bitrates on my phone yet. I'm not sure, but I think I need to get some app for that. It seems like it has less bass compared to listening from the RME interface. Which seems reasonable considering that RME has an external power supply.
    This is my first pair of IEMs. But I've used Behringer Truth B2030A and AKG K 271 MKII.
    Having two types of drivers seems very basic, at least in modern terms, but it's part of a world of miniaturized Hi-Fi sound systems which fit into your ear.
    Yes, my initial assumptions were confirmed. This is the closest thing we have to a virtual reality device like some of the devices described in novels of ... ah, help... the guy who wrote Neuromancer, yes, William Gibson.
    Balanced armature - who cares what it means. It screams cyberpunk.

    Justin H.

    The cable came with the earphone was like used. You can the rust on the connection point.

    Christopher B.

    These are the best IEMs I've ever listened to (out of about 50 that I've tried). This is my second purchase of the OH10s - I wanted to have a backup in case the old ones break or they ever go out of production. They fit perfect, sound perfect, passive isolation is fantastic, and hey they look pretty flashy too. Best earphones ever.

    Christopher B.

    A long-time "mid-tier" sub-300 USD hifi collector, I was looking for an IEM upgrade that had punchy bass, sparkly trebles, and good isolation. After doing some research and chatting in online forums, I settled on the Ikko OH10. I can say without a doubt these are the best earphones I've ever heard in my life (I have about 30+ IEMs and headphones, and have tried many many more). The tuning, the sense of space, the comfort, the isolation and passive noise reduction, the build quality, it is all incredible; way better than I was expecting. The sound is incredible, a perfect fit for anyone that likes a V-tuning. But it was ultimately the fit and comfort that took me by surprise. I can and often do wear them for a consecutive day or more straight, and feel zero pain, hot spots, or discomfort. That is unheard of - no IEM or headphone has ever gone beyond about the 5-6 hour mark without becoming uncomfortable for me in the past. These ones I could wear almost constantly, and I want to! All other headphones and IEMs in my collection are rendered nothing more than decorative artifacts. There's only one earphone I need, and it's the OH10. I will not need to buy another IEM in my life until these either break or get stolen. Thank you Ikko for creating my perfect listening experience!


    I have to admit that I buy it just for fun since many people recommend it.
    Compare to my Sony IER-Z1R, of course there is big difference, however, the difference in price is pretty much big as well...
    Let's put it in this way, Ikko OH10 is a pretty nice earbud in its price range, perhaps the best. Or maybe even better than some other products in a higher price range.