Easter is coming!

To express our gratitude to our fans who have been supporting our brand over the past year,iKKO plans to have an interactive game with fans.The prizes include the discontinued OH1, other free headphones, as well as large coupons.

This event will last for 10 days,and you will have chance to get one of the prizes shown on the left by particippating in the event.



Introduction to activity rules

  • The easter eggs will be refreshed at midnight, and the rewards will be announced on the social media the next day. The easter eggs that are not found that day will be invalid the next day.
  • If it is an easter egg that has been discovered, but the prize is not redeemed, the reward will be claimed by the person who discovers the easter egg later.
  • Coupon-type prizes will be valid for 15 days after the Easter egg is released, and will automatically expire if not used.
  • Some easter egg rewards are a fixed number, first come first served(Only one reward per person)
  • The form of Easter eggs will change a lot, you need to have enough discernment
  • After obtaining the egg password, please contact our online customer service to redeem the prize. You don't have to worry if we don't reply in time, as long as you send your password on the same day, we will consider that you have redeemed the prize.
  • Event times are based on Pacific Time,The final interpretation right of the event belongs to iKKO

If you don’t find an easter egg, we will also have a special Easter roulette event, everyone has only one chance, you will definitely win

PS:Discount codes and gift codes need to meet the conditions of consumption before they can be used

Free gift code requires earphone and gift to be added to cart to apply

Free gift code are limited

Event time: 15 - 22 April

IKKO has always been committed to providing consumers with a better audio-visual experience. We hope to have better interaction with our fans through this event. You can also actively participate in the discussions on our social media. Good luck to you! !