Introducing ActiveBuds: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Earwear Set to Transform Communication, Listening, and Translation

Introducing ActiveBuds: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Earwear Set to Transform Communication, Listening, and Translation

iKKO, an industry leader in audio technology, is excited to announce the launch of their groundbreaking product, ActiveBuds, which promises to revolutionize the wireless audio industry and redefine how users communicate, interact, and listen across various life scenarios.

ActiveBuds feature a powerful combination of AI-powered communication, personalized listening, and seamless translation in up to 40 languages, making them the ultimate companion for travelers, business professionals, language learners, and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Powered by ChatGPT, the voice dialog conversation technology at the heart of ActiveBuds, users can enjoy hands-free communication and access to a versatile, advanced AI personal assistant. The ActiveBuds' seamless integration with various devices and operating systems ensures a coherent and convenient experience for users.

With standalone 4G connectivity via SIM card compatibility, ActiveBuds provide an enhanced mobile experience, allowing users to stream music, make calls, and access AI assistance without the need for a connected mobile device.

ActiveBuds' real-time translation feature in 40 languages facilitates communication across diverse cultures, making them a game-changer for travelers, students, and professionals alike. Users can easily access one-button translations, sharing modes for seamless conversations, and continuous translations for uninterrupted communication.

The voice-to-text conversion feature enables users to record their thoughts, conversations, or meetings and effortlessly transform them into structured, paragraph-separated text documents. This function is ideal for busy professionals, students, or anyone seeking efficient documentation.

Additionally, ActiveBuds deliver premium sound quality through advanced silicon crystal ceramic material and offer offline music storage and playback. With personalized EQ settings, ANC and ENC transparency mode, users can enjoy an immersive listening experience, even without internet access.

ActiveBuds also serve as a fitness and health partner, providing a comprehensive range of functions, such as distance tracking, timers, route planning, elevation calculation, and calorie consumption tracking. The earbuds' map features make navigation a breeze, ensuring users stay on track during their workouts and outdoor adventures.

Boasting an all-day battery life, ActiveBuds offer up to 6 hours of uninterrupted listening with ANC on a single charge, and an additional 30 hours of battery life provided by the sleek case. Users can recharge their ActiveBuds using either the ultra-fast Type-C or convenient wireless charging options.

iKKO's ActiveBuds are now available for purchase, promising to take the audio industry by storm and redefine how users communicate, interact, and listen.

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