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Know Bone Conduction headphones Correctly

1.A brief introduction

    In-ear headphones are the most common form of listening, but this traditional method may cause irreversible damage to our eardrums and easily breed bacteria in the ear canal. Now, bone conduction earphones are an effective solution to the problem of hearing damage caused by traditional earphones. They transmit sound to your cochlea through vibration, allowing you to feel sound in another unique way.

    2.Working principle of bone conduction

      Before understanding bone conduction headphones, you need to understand the three media through which sound travels (air, solid and liquid).

      Bone conduction transmits sound by vibrating your cheekbones (solid), which is different from the air transmission of traditional wired and wireless headphones. Bone conduction does not pass through the eardrum, so the eardrum will not be easily damaged even if the volume is loud.

      IKKO ITG01 | Schematic diagram of bone conduction sound

      Bone conduction pathways: sound waves, skull, bony labyrinth, inner ear lymph, auger, auditory nerve, auditory center of cerebral cortex

      Air conduction pathways: sound wave, auricle, external auditory canal, periosteum, ossicles, vestibular window, internal and external lymph, spiral organ, auditory nerve, auditory center of cerebral cortex

      Compared with traditional in-ear or head-mounted headphones, bone conduction headphones have the following advantages:

      1. Vibrate sound, reduce hearing damage
      2. No hearing fatigue
      3. Open-ear design, help pay more attention to surrounding sounds and avoid missing important information


      However, nothing is perfect. While you gain safety and comfort, you will also lose part of sound quality, which is the disadvantage of bone conduction headphones. Most bone conduction headphones on the market cannot restore the real sound quality, and only a few high-end flagship earphones can achieve 90% restoration.  

      The working principle of bone conduction determines that it cannot isolate external sound. If you are a crowd focus on HiFi headphones, if you need to listen quietly alone, you can first choose noise-cancelling headphones or other air conduction headphones with good sound insulation.

      3.What kind of people and scenes are suitable


        The working principle of bone conduction headphones and the characteristics of open listening make it the most suitable product for the following groups of people.


        Outdoor sports enthusiasts: People who exercise outdoors are the largest users of bone conduction earphones. If you put safety first, if you need to hear the surrounding environment, and also want to listen to music when exercising. Bone conduction earphones are perfect for you.


        The hearing-impaired: People who benefit most from bone conduction headphones are those who are deaf or partially deaf due to damage to their ear canal or eardrum. Bone conduction bypasses these damaged tissues and transmits sound waves directly to the inner ear, allowing them to hear music again. For people with hearing loss, this is a life-changing event with extraordinary significance.


        Teams that need to stay connected: At work, it's necessary to take your headphones off frequently because of the constant communication between teams. That's going to be a big problem. Bone conduction headphones can solve this problem.  


        Workers who need to stay alert: Bone-conduction headphones were originally designed for the military, but now are also used by security guards.

        4.How to choose a good bone conduction earphone

          If you read to this paragraph patiently, you must be wondering how you choose a bone conduction headphone that suits you. We can judge by the following methods:


          Playing time

          Depending on the product model and main usage scenarios, most bone conduction headphones have a playing time of 4-8 hours, some bone conduction earphones can be used for a longer time, but the balance between weight and comfort of headphones will be damaged  


          Sound quality

          The sound principle of bone conduction earphones are different from traditional earphones, so it is much more difficult to restore the real sound. Common bone conduction earphones cannot achieve high restoration of sound quality. The high-value bone conduction headphones can restore more than 90% of the original sound after professional tuning.  



          Bone conduction earphones are mainly designed for outdoor sports people. The waterproof level is generally above IPX5, which can effectively prevent rain and sweat from damaging the earphones.



          The bone conduction earphone frames on the market are generally divided into two materials, plastic and metal. Earphones made of skin-friendly plastic are lighter but usually have a shorter use time, and will appear dirty and rubber aging after two years; Metal bone conduction earphones have a longer service life and a wider range of usage scenarios, but the weight will also be slightly higher.



          Bone conduction headphones generally use Bluetooth to connect the device. The higher the Bluetooth protocol of the headphones, the lower the connection delay. Bone-conduction headphones for outdoor exercise can answer phone calls, call voice assistants, and pause and play music.  

          5.Bone Conduction Headphones recommended

          Recommended bone conduction headphones ITG01, it is a little different from the bone conduction headphones on the market, it uses bone sound conduction technology (bone conduction technology + directional sound technology), equipped with HiFi decoding chip, can give you better sound quality than ordinary bone conduction headphones .



          The latest Bluetooth 5.3 protocol reduces the connection delay to 0.01ms. This feature allows it to be applied to more scenes except outdoor sports, and you can even use it for games and work.


          Its playing time is also at the mid-to-high level in the industry, with 6.5 hours of continuous playback of music/calls, and with IKKO's exclusive charging base, can increase the playing time to 16.5 hours.


          ITG01 uses CNC aluminum alloy with the same process as iPhone. It has a new appearance design and is stable to wear. IKKO officially provides a one-year product warranty, and no maintenance fees are charged during the warranty period. For those who are looking for a suitable pair of bone conduction headphones on a budget of less than $100 , the ITG01 is a good choice for you.


          Dustproof and waterproof:  IPX6
           Headphone battery:  105mh
          Charging base battery: 350mh
          Bluetooth:  5.3
          Material aluminum alloy
          Playing time 6.5 hours
          Weight 36g
          Microphone support Yes
          Voice assistant support Yes


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