Assessing the Sound Quality of In-Ear Monitors

Assessing the Sound Quality of In-Ear Monitors

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Buying a pair of headphones can be difficult. You always ponder the question, "how do you choose the best sounding pair?" The essential thing is choosing which ones have the best sound quality.

Throughout this guide, we'll help you understand how to assess your earphones performance with a variety of listening tests, including frequency response testing!  

Best Mobile Apps for Sound Quality Testing

You can begin by using some simple headphones test apps. There is a good chance you have your favourite music (or streaming service) in your pocket when you try out different headphones in a store. Wouldn't it be better also to prepare a full suite of test applications?

Headphone Check

With the Headphone Check app, Apple users can ensure that their headphones are appropriately oriented. It is important to do before using them with stereo sound to prevent any damage or problems related to improperly connected speakers and channels.

Left Right – Stereo Test

With this Android app, you can test the left and proper channels of your headphones. After comparing two tracks to see if they are balanced or not will tell you which one is playing in stereo (left channel) and where there might be any issues with audio delay/phase cancellation on either side.

Ultimate Ear – Headphone Test

Ultimate Ear is a complete toolset to test high and low frequencies, stereo or binaural sounds. You can also find the golden frequency (1.618 Hz). Ultimate Ears has many different tests where you can listen for specific things like bass response in headphones with this application on your Android device!

Earphones Test +

Earphones Test for Android is a unified set of tests, including frequency sweeps. If the response curve of the sweep is very flat, it indicates better quality. The mid-treble is usually more desirable for common uses when slightly raised. Another feature called pink noise helps identify which tones are louder than the others to check linearity. It also includes some device testing like buttons and headphone wiring to see if they are wired correctly or not.

Mic Test

Mic Test (Android – Free) is an app that allows you to test the quality of your phone's microphone. With this application, you can record yourself speaking and playback what was recorded.

Best Web Apps for Sound Quality Testing


Spotify's Audio check test tones allow you to perform twenty different tests for your headphones, including bass shaker testing (shaking the headphone to see if it vibrates), driver matching (testing how both speakers sound together after they're matched up by software), high and low-frequency testing.

It also allows quality control checkerboard pattern generation, which will give an image of any potential distortion in noise cancellation or other frequencies present at higher volume levels. You can also run a dynamic range test with pulsing white noise between two pink signals that vary from 90 dB down to 30 dB.

The Ultimate Headphones Test

It is an online tool that allows you to test your headphones' frequency response, spectral flatness, and dynamic range. You can also check for wiring issues and driver matching. Correctly wired headphones will route the left channel to the left earpiece and the right to the right earpiece. Isn't that easy?

Best Audio Tracks for Sound Quality Testing

When testing headphones, any genre can show off the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. Some genres work better than others in highlighting certain features, though. The tracklist below has been chosen to provide a wide dynamic range and help determine in-ear monitors' frequency response range.

Hurt – Johnny Cash

Nine Inch Nails originally released this track in 1982. A more complete and more decadent arrangement gradually replaces the thinly distributed one. I like how it feels both gentle and powerful at the same time. There is a distinct separation of two guitars in the chorus. A good quality pair of headphones or in-ear monitors make the piano take up much of the middle portion of the track. Testing the overall space provided by your equipment certainly is a good idea.

Titanium – David Guetta Feat. Sia

It became a perennial top 10 hit in both the US and internationally with its 2011 release. Utilizing this heavily produced track, you can rest assured that your headphones will get a good workout. Strong vocal projections define the chorus. The track offers a standard pop structure. Its abrupt cut-outs, thumping low-end frequencies, significant side chain compression, which is a critical element, and the crescendos and diminuendos are all prominent elements. There is no doubt that it will drill out a decent pair of headphones.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

The single version of this song appeared in 1978 on the album "Jazz." This track's powerful vocals, high-energy drums, heavily layered backing vocals, and vast reverb make for an engaging track that would give a good amount of headphones strain. Throughout, there is a tremendous amount of drama. With epic solos, abrupt musical drops, and eye-popping vocals from the legend himself, the album serves as a perfect gauge for evaluating headphones. There are many rhythmic changes and stunning panning techniques on this up-tempo track at 151 bpm. 

Can’t Say I Ain’t Country – Florida Georgia Line

The track is exceptionally well-produced, with a decent dynamic range between various segments. By testing your headphone components for a decent amount of time with the melody line and higher variations throughout the track, you will give your headset a bit of a workout. You can quickly measure your headphones' overall response and treble end by checking how they utilize reverb throughout. It features layered guitar picking, bending, strumming, and bending that will test your treble ends. It has bustling rhythms, percussion sections, and the vocals and harmonies are all in unison. You can use this track to evaluate the best headphones.

Killing In The Name Of – Rage Against The Machines

Despite being released in 1992, this track dominated world charts in 2009 using a Facebook campaign launched in 2009. Due to its sounds, this band was way ahead of its time. We heard screeching guitars, indomitable vocals, a cowbell, and aggressive drums. The more complicated an artist's sound is, the greater the need for headphones that accurately reproduce all aspects of it. For fans of hip hop and electronic music, excellent and complete bass reproduction is a preference. But that's not the only requirement in heavier genres.

Why IKKO Gems OH1S in-Ear Monitor Headphones Are Best Among All

Reduces Distortion:

IKKO I-Planet earplugs reduce noise and provide a crisp listening experience. The soft memory foam takes in all sounds, reducing surrounding noises that can often lead to discomfort when trying to listen to high volumes for extended periods. With the medium volume setting on your device, you will be able to enjoy the full sound without any disruption from outside sources.

Ergonomic Design:

IKKO I-Planet is a set of ergonomically designed earbud tips that are stylish and durable. The product has been tested through several data stimulation to ensure the user has a high-quality experience while using it. These best in-ear monitors are going to catch everyone's attention because of their unique meteor design. The mix between resin and metal reduces the weight, which will make you feel like it isn't even there! These headphones come with an ergonomic cavity that makes them perfectly fit your ear canal for maximum comfortability while wearing.

Comfortable Frequency

This pair of in-ear monitors have dynamic sounds that are not too loud or harsh. The frequency of the sound produced makes it perfect for your ears, and they are comfortable to wear due to their lightweight design. They also allow you to hear everything even at low volume levels, preventing hearing damage from high volumes over time.


These earphones are made of high-quality material that makes them durable. They can be used regularly for years without getting damaged, and because they're small in size, they're easy to carry around. It comes with a pouch to keep the headphones safe while not using them, which keeps us from losing our new favourite item! 

Easy Connectivity

IKKO OH1 In-Ear Monitor Earphones are great for connecting to any device. They connect with laptops and mobiles, so you can always enjoy the sound quality that they provide. These earphones don't drain your devices' power supply because of their low energy consumption! So if you want in-ear monitors, I highly suggest getting these from IKKO. 


IKKO Gems OH1S in-ear monitors are the perfect companion for your favourite music. With these, you'll be able to listen to all of your songs with high bass and frequency while protecting yourself from unpleasingly high sounds that may damage your ears. IKKO's earphones will bring about an amazing auditory experience! This purchase is great because it provides top-quality sound protection at a reasonable price point; everyone should try out this brand if they're looking into buying new headphones. Wishing you happy travel time listening to tunes!

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