How Do Headphones Help People Sleep Better And Feel Relaxed?

How Do Headphones Help People Sleep Better And Feel Relaxed?

Is your anxiety not allowing you to relax and sleep better? No worries, keep your chin up. Every problem has its solution.

As you are not alone in this condition because WHO states, 3.64% of people across the globe face anxiety disorders.

To relax, especially at night, people usually take the support of music. One can easily listen to music while going to sleep without disturbing anyone by wearing headphones.

Different researchers have conducted many types of research that concluded: listening to music while sleeping can benefit you. Let's see.

Why can Headphones be your sleep partner?

As you grow, you understand the importance of sleep. But, sometimes one's sleep can be disturbed due to many circumstances one is going through. So, again you are not alone in this. As it is being reported, 30-48% of adults suffer from sleeplessness i.e. insomnia.

It has been observed that people wearing headphones and listening to music while sleeping go to sleep quickly.

Now, you'll be thinking, how?

Have you ever thought about when a person goes to sleep?

The person goes to sleep when:

  • They feel relaxed.
  • There is no disturbance.

These two factors primarily contribute to good sleep. So, let's see in detail how these are provided when the person wears headphones while sleeping.


Some genres of music relax your mind and body. If you listen to slow or classical music, it can help you to get settled.

Listening to music while sleeping helps you to release the stress of the whole day. It enables you to calm down mentally by slowing down your pulse and heart rates.

Boosted Production of Happy Chemicals

Dopamine is a happy chemical released by the human body. It is also known as a feel-good hormone, and it is an important part of the brain’s reward system.

According to The Brain and New Music research, dopamine is released when a person listens to his favorite music.

It has been found in studies that the level of dopamine becomes 9% higher when people listen to the music they love. So, listening to music is considered a healthy dose of dopamine.  

Night-Time is Distraction Free

The other great benefit of sleeping with headphones is that you can sleep without disturbance. At night time when silence prevails, and even a small sound can disturb you, headphones come to the rescue.

Headphones can block out any noise that can disturb your sleep. If you live in the middle of the city or you unluckily have disturbing neighbors, you can use headphones. Moreover, if you have a partner that snores, headphones will help you block the noise and sleep better.

Now, as you have got an idea about what advantages headphones offer when you wear them while sleeping. You’ll be wondering.

Can one sleep with headphones? 

The answer is YES!

You can use headphones while sleeping.

The only thing you should keep in your mind is the volume of the music. The volume should be moderate or low so that your hearing does not get affected negatively in the future.  

Now let’s throw some light on:

What are the easiest ways to sleep with Headphones?

Sleeping the whole night with headphones can disturb you or damage the gadget. But, it is a matter of fact that every problem has its solution. So here are some of the easiest ways that can help you sleep with headphones:

Use a Special Pillow

As the regular pillow can’t tolerate headphones, special pillows come forward to help. The pillows are designed with a hole in the middle that can perfectly hold headphones. The hole in the middle of the pillow provides the space for the earcups of your headphones when you are sleeping on one side.

Use a Travelling or Neck Pillow

A Travel pillow has the specialty of fitting around your neck with its U-shape design.

Travel pillows also have a space in the middle that can provide a space for your headphones. If the person sleeps on the side, the ear cup of headphones can easily adjust in the center hole where the neck is usually adjusted.

A traveling pillow helps you enjoy music with headphones by giving support to them and not letting them fall while traveling as well.

Get Yourself In-Ear Headphones

As it has been noted that many people wear headphones while sleeping. So, different companies have designed special headphones that can be easily worn while sleeping. One of these special headphones is In-Ear Monitor Headphones.

In-Ear monitor headphones are inserted into the ear canal. They can easily be worn as they are not inserted in the outer part of your ear.

Now you’ll be wondering that.

What are the Pros of Sleeping with In-Ear Monitors?

Here are some of the pros of sleeping with In-Ear Monitor Headphones,

No Disturbance

It has been said that when the comparison is made between headphones best for blocking noise, In-Ear monitors are clear winners. They are designed primarily to prevent external noise from disturbing you.

The headphones are specially designed to fit in your ears and seal the ear canal so that external noise can passively be reduced and isolated. And, with this other people are also not disturbed. So, one can easily enjoy music without any disturbance after getting a good pair of in-ear headphones.

Enjoy your favorite Playlist

In-Ear monitor headphones offer better sound quality. They easily fit in your ear canal and seal out any external noise, allowing you to enjoy your favorite playlist.

It has been proven that listening to your favorite music while sleeping can make you fall asleep quickly. Besides that, you can also listen to popular relaxing songs like Pure Shores – The Beach, Weightless, and Mellomaniac, etc.

Beneficial for Mental and Emotional Health

Musical therapy has proven to be a good source of treating mental and emotional illness. The Effect of Music on the Human Stress Response’s study concludes that music positively affects the nervous system.

Besides that, when one gets good sleep, mental and emotional conditions become better. And, one can only sleep when they feel relaxed. Listening to music while sleeping can help you attain that feeling of relaxation.

Easy to wear

When it comes to comfort and ease, In-Ear monitor headphones win. Especially if someone wants to wear them while sleeping. In-Ear monitor headphones are less likely to cause any pain or irritation in your ear. As they fit directly into your ear canal and are designed in such a way that helps them to stay in place.


Up to this point, you have gotten the idea about the advantages of wearing headphones while sleeping. You must be wondering, which In-Ear Headphone you should go for?

You can judge a good quality In-Ear Headphone if it satisfies the following criteria:

  • Comfort
  • Noise cancellation
  • Quality of sound
  • Sleep ergonomics


There is one that satisfies all the above-mentioned criteria.

And, that one is OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones.

Yes! This headphone is comfortable to wear, seals outer noise, and provides good sound quality.

Moreover, it is ergonomically designed and that is the best quality these headphones offer. Ergonomic designs are the ones that are preferably designed to soothe the human body and make it comfortable.

So, if you want to enhance your experience, go ahead and buy OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones.


Now, another query will be popping in your head, and that will be,

What do the special IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones have to offer?

Here are some of the specialties of IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones:

  • SVAS Technology: These headphones have unique Separating Vector Acoustics System Technology that makes the sound volume better.
  • Sleep Ergonomically Design: These headphones are designed ergonomically. It reduces noise and gives comfort in wearing.
  • Components: They are made by a combination of Resin and Aluminum Alloy. This combination reduces the weight of headphones.
  • Tips: It gives abundant earphone tips.
  • Installed Driver:A hybrid driver installed in the headphones makes the sound more pure and transparent.

After going through the specialties of IKKO headphones, now you must be thinking about where you can get them. Read on and you’ll find out!

How to buy IKKO Gems Oh1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones?

There is an easy, trusted, and straightforward way to buy IKKO Gems OH1s In-Ear Monitor Headphones. The following link will take you straight to  IKKO’s official website. 

IKKO Gems Oh1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones are available in two colors i.e. BLUE and GREY.

Now, let’s see

What you’ll find in IKKO Gems Oh1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones Box?

You will get:

  • 6 sizes of silicone ear tips.
  • 3 sizes of sponge.
  • Detachable 3.5mm MMCX cable.
  • A pair of OH1S.
  • Leather storage box.
  • Handbook.

You can easily order yours and enjoy the benefits of these IKKO Gems Oh1S In-Ear Monitor headphones only at the cost of $199. Moreover, they offer free shipping worldwide. Besides that, you can also get a 10% discount if you’re a new subscriber.

The Bottom Line

Life is not a bed of roses. Anxiety disorders, insomnia, and hypertension is the problem of every second person in this world now. The very first thing one should do is to relax whenever possible.

To sleep appropriately, people usually go for sleeping pills, but that’s not a solution. A good solution can be a pair of your ergonomically designed headphones and your favorite playlist.

And, you will be good to go with proper 7-9 hours sleep and a relaxed mind to start a new day with the new zeal and zest.  

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