What The Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers Offers?

What The Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers Offers?

in ear monitor oh1s Do you want to get high-quality in-ear monitors because you struggle to stay in sync with rhythm during your live performances? If yes, then we have a glimmer of hope for you! We will guide you in buying the best in-ear monitors. Surely, the crowd's noise can be deafening at times, making it hard for you to keep up with the beat of other musicians. In addition, due to low-quality earphones, you can't even hear your kick drum well and might end up affecting the whole performance. However, don't worry! We got you and will let you know how a perfect set of in-ear monitors can block all the background noise. So, let's dive in to know why drummers prefer to wear in-ear monitors while playing live!

The Reason Behind Drummers Wearing in-ear Monitors During Live Performances

Drummers wear in-ear monitors because it enables them to hear the monitoring mix of the concert. It's necessary because the loud noise of the audience makes it difficult for a drummer to hear their fellow bandmates. With premium-quality in-ear monitors, everything can be balanced, and the live performance goes smoothly. Besides, when you are performing for hours, it can lead to hearing damage. To avoid this irreversible damage, drummers use in-ear monitors to play the monitor mix at a comfortable frequency.

Do You Wonder What Drummers Listen In their in-ear Monitors?

We have already explained that drummers wear headphones while playing, so you might be wondering now what they hear in their earpieces. Mostly, they hear the mix of the entire band or listen to onstage instructions and directions so that everything can be balanced appropriately. Another thing they listen is the click track of live performance. Basically, click track is the sound of the recording played at the same speed as the onstage song. It helps to keep the drummers in sync with the rhythm. Of course, the click track has to be inside the in-ear monitors so that drummers can control and maintain the beat. It may sound easy to you but handling the drums with surrounding noise is a great struggle for musicians. One wrong move, and their whole concert will be doomed. Therefore, a good pair of in-ear monitors would be a great help to every drummer.

Buying Guide For in-ear monitors

With so many options in the market, you might find it challenging to choose which in-ear monitors will be the best choice for you. Luckily, we can help and tell you what things you should consider while buying in-ear monitors. So, let's check them out.

Earbud Selection

Mostly in-ear monitors come with foam or silicone earbuds. So, if you have to decide which one will be better, it all depends on your taste. That's because they both feel different when you plug them in your ears. Like silicone tips, use suction so that they won't fall out that also makes them preferable for active performers. Moreover, silicone tips are lighter, which adds to their stability. In contrast, foam earbuds are denser. They even put pressure on the ear canal when you wear them for a long time. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about choosing between them because in-ear monitors come with a pack of various earbuds. So, you can get the one that fits well in the ear.

Straight Or Over-Ear

in-ear monitors have two configurations; first, they have straight cables, and the other could be wrapped around your ear. Straight in-ear have some high-quality models, while over-ear headphones have limited models. Mostly, over-ear monitors are preferred by professional drummers or musicians. It's because this configuration is a secure fit in their ears, and it also hides the cable so that nobody can spot them during the live show.

How Many Drivers Are Necessary?

If you buy in-ear monitors for the first time, then many single-driver models are perfect for limiting the frequency range. If you are a professional, then you might prefer to have dual or three drivers. Dual drivers allow you to reproduce low frequencies with one drive, and you can reserve the other for high frequencies. At the same time, a 3-way in-ear monitoring system is dedicated for low, middle, and high frequencies. This is a combination that gives excellent clarity and deeper bass through the entire frequency spectrum.

General Fit Or Custom Molded

To get a custom-molded in-ear monitor, you must get an impression of your ear canals from an audiologist. It's a process used to shape the custom earplugs by creating a hardened mold of the impression. Obviously, it's not an easy process, so it's better to go with a universal fit. Moreover, it protects your ear by decreasing the effects of stage volume and helps to reduce the sound by monitor feed.

IKKO Gems OH1S in-ear Monitors | Our Best Product

IKKO Gems OH1S in-ear monitors are the best ones we have seen so far. They provide aerospace alloy sound cavities. These cavities are made up of very lightweight alloy. In fact, it weighs only 6 grams on each side of the ear. It's a perfect fit for your ear as it doesn't fall off easily. There is a connector cable of the earphones that comes with a 3.5mm jack for secure stability. Besides, you are provided with three foam ear tips and seven silicone tips in every size. All of them can be easily attached with the nozzle of the in-ears. You can also protect your in-ear monitors from damage by putting them in a solid protective case. This will avoid the entangling problem of the cables. Moreover, an extra pair of wire grids are added to the package. If you lose or damage the grids, then you can instantly change them with a new one. The sound sensitivity of this ideal in-ear monitor is approximately 106 decibels, while the impedance is about 18 ohms. Now, we can't deny that all these aspects make it the best in-ear monitor for drummers.


Let's get to know the incredible features of IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors:

Ethereal Look

One look at these in-ear monitors is enough to attract anyone. They have a beautiful deep blue color that adds an aesthetic touch to them. Its connection wire is coated with silver and looks like a real chain. Many musicians are in love with the ethereal look of these earpieces.

Perfect Fit

IKKO Gems in-ear Monitor is designed in a way to provide a perfect fit for the ear. When drummers wear these earphones, they can avoid any discomfort even if they perform for long hours. The secure fit design doesn't break the rhythm, and you can enjoy the deep bass with great clarity.

High-Quality Audio

It has a nanocarbon dynamic coil and 127nm silver plated wire that provides premium quality audio. Even they are better than any wireless earbuds because the sound directly goes from monitors to ear canals. It happens because the silver wire preserves the sound quality and makes it vivid by preventing any screeching sounds.


After getting to know about the features of these ideal in-ear monitors, you must want to about their benefits. That's why down below, we have mentioned some highlighted benefits of IKKO OH1S in-ear monitors.


The material used in the manufacturing of these in-ear monitors is of high quality, making them durable to use for years. In fact, you can use them daily, and they won't get damaged. This is the perfect earpiece you can get at a reasonable price.

Portable And Durable

These in-ear monitors are small in size, so you can easily carry them whenever you plan to go out. You can also place them in a small and elegant pouch that comes with a package. This pouch is highly durable that protects the earphones from any damage.

Secure Frequency

When it comes to its frequency, then IKKO in-ear monitors provide dynamic sound in low frequency. At the same time, you can also enjoy elegant, natural, and delicate sounds on a high frequency. Thus, you can avoid hearing damage that is caused by high volume.

Final Verdict

Now we hope that you have a better idea about the best in-ear monitors, and you can easily buy the one suitable for you. You can perform efficiently and give your best only when you have a perfect pair of in-ear monitors. To help you with that, we have mentioned a buying guide that will assist you in choosing the ideal in-ear monitor for you. In our opinion, IKKO Gems OH1S in-ear Monitors have every feature that will give your performance a blast. Whether we talk about its sound quality or unique look, it remains first in every aspect. So, why wait! Go and grab the best one for you now!

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