Get Your Best Gaming In-Ear Monitor Now! Here's How To Choose?

Get Your Best Gaming In-Ear Monitor Now! Here's How To Choose?


We understand you're tired of a bad experience with other earbuds or that giant headphone. And you are now looking to buy an in-ear microphone so you can have the best noise-free gaming experience. Right? However, you're safe from this because you've landed at the right place.

Here we'll be explaining the nitty-gritty you need to know before buying the best gaming companion (aka in-ear bud) for your gaming station - along with our best pick! Let's tell you even good news! That's our best recommendation and top-of-the-line pick for you! 

But before we get you there, don't you want to hear why an In-ear monitor is your only on-the-go option? 

Reasons Why You Need An In-Ear Monitor For Gaming

We know some players are so addicted to the in-ear monitor that they can't really play without it. The reason is its much smaller size, portability, comfort, affordability, and versatility - means you can use it for long-hour gaming without being uneasy at all. 

If these traits are important to you, like quality sound, comfort, lightweight, easy to access, then we've rounded up some action-taking reasons that break your skeptical thoughts regarding an in-ear bud. 

Breaks Incoming Voice 

Nothing is more annoying than the outside noise disturbing your game like your siblings making noise, or your Grandpa listening to TV on a full note. But, to every problem, there's always a solution and in-ear bud is the right answer to it. Eliminate those outside noises, and enjoy the real-time in-game sound experience. 

Superior Sound Quality  

Apart from the noise factor, do you hear gaming voices resonating around your ears - not clearing where your enemy is? A gaming in-ear monitor does a good job here. As it offers clear, superior, and fresh sound that your ear finds pleasant to hear.   

Nowadays, adventurous and battle royal games require precise and accurate movements just like Pubg and Free Fire. As the whole game relies on audio, having a good-quality headset gives you a chance to react to your enemies before they kill you.  

Not Too Pricey!  

Getting an in-ear bud is a much more affordable option than a premium quality bulkier headset. Not only that, it provides a decent gaming experience, which you actually want to have. 

Checklist To Select The Best In-Ear Monitor

Buying the best in-ear monitor for gaming is still a Nightmare for many. Before buying an in-ear microphone for gaming, consider looking for the following crucial features. It will not only help you to narrow down your scope of buy but also in getting a worthy earbud that will provide you quality noise-free experience for a long time. Let’s discover them together!   


If you are a long-hour gamer, then don't forget to check on this factor. It is very important for your ears’ health and safety. Therefore, we recommend opting for earbuds that are designed with soft and quality materials. Because it can take your gaming experience to a whole new level as well as provide comfort to your ears. 

Sticky Design

It is another annoying thing that your earbuds drop off while you're playing a game and get stuck in a serious situation. So, do check the sticky in-ear monitor factor whenever you want to buy an in-ear monitor. You can choose an in-ear bud on the basis of how well it fits with your ear shape.

Identify Your Gaming Platform 

In-ear buds are a good choice for mobile and PS4 or even PS5 gaming, but can't be as good for PCs. Isn't it? Therefore, always check your gaming platform and then research for one accordingly.  


You don't want to load your ears with bulky headphones. If you love playing games anywhere, anytime, even during your school/college break-time or family events? Then do check that portability element. In addition to saving in your pockets, you can hang them around your neck. That's an even better idea and offers a stylish look as well. 

Frequency Response 

One of the big considerations when buying a gaming in-ear monitor is to check the concept of frequency response. Basically, it's the measure of a device's ability to produce frequency range in an equal interval. 

To find the ideal one, check these two concepts: 

  • The deepest bass frequency - the lower it is, the better it will be.
  • Secondly, the highest frequency - the higher it is, the better it will be. 

So, make sure the frequency range lies in between what an average human ear can bear and react to with ease. While in case, having a frequency range of 8-25000 Hz lies in a considerable range. 

Noise Cancellation 

Who doesn't want to cancel the outcoming voice while playing a game? Therefore, search for those in-ear monitors that don't allow the space for external noise. After that, you can sit and play in a much-concentrated environment. 

Consequently, in-ear monitors such as earbuds often create a good seal in the user’s ear that only sustains the incoming voice. 

Check Your Budget As Well! 

Sometimes we don't want to dig deep into our pockets just to get a pack of hands-free or sometimes we don't have the big budget. So, keeping in mind, filter out the search results and compare which fits your budget. 

What Do We recommend For Our Audience?

Now, your patience ends and we're ready to reveal today's pick! 

Here's what we recommend.

IKKO Gems OH1S In-Ear Monitor Headphones - A Worthy Pick!

IKKO Gems Oh1S is our top-of-the-line option for you. These wired earbuds come up with a sleek design that offers a noise-isolating feature along with MMCX detachable cables. That is tailored to provide you the best optimal gaming experience with no space for external sound. 

One of the promising in-ear monitors available in the market, it's specifically designed to adapt SVAS technology, adhering to the ear's cavity and allowing pleasant sound flow. 

Furthermore, the tiny monitors are prepared using a carbon nano dynamic that aligns a three-way frequency to a single wavelength. It sticks easily to your ear's canal and provides internal solace due to its silicon and foamy tips.  

Additionally, IKKO in-ear monitors come with great accessories such as upgradable MMCX cable, silicone and foamy tips, a sponge and a small warehouse to keep it asleep whenever you want.

Taking into account these aspects, it's the absolute gaming buddy you're looking for. 

Grab it here

Amazing Features And Benefits

Let's break down the amazing features and benefits of these in-ear monitors:

Stunning Look  

Its glamorous look can attract anybody's eye. Imagine if you're playing a game and your girlfriend steps in, what would be her reaction to you. Probably she'd love your new earbud! And you feel delighted to hear that. 

Okay! Coming back… 

The shining blue or purple designs make it even more attractive alongside the silver-plated tale. 

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic design naturally fits your ear without any hassle. So, you won't get tired after a long-hour gaming session. This lightest, comfortable and noise-isolating earbud is waiting for you! 

Premium Audio Quality

Get a premium quality sound experience on a sleek budget! Yup, you heard it right, the IKKO in-ear monitor translates the gaming sound into pleasant, clear and transparent audio. Which gives it a huge edge over competitors on the list. 

Protects Your Ear  

The earbud dampens dynamic sound into a low and feasible frequency range that doesn't have an inch to your eardrum. So, it stays healthy and vibrating as always. Though you can select the range yourself, sometimes it helps you not to put extra effort. 


The earbud offers an in-line connection with multiple devices like your PlayStation, mobile either Android or iOS, etc. This is why we picked it for you and is a handy option for your gaming station. 

Stays With You

The high-quality material of these in-ear monitors makes them stay longer than expected. We understand you don't want to buy again and again, that's why it is our best pick. 

Bottom Line

Summing up the whole case, you want a decent gaming experience on an affordable budget. But there are many options in a market that makes the buying process tougher.  

Consider the buying guide as a helping hand to pick the right fit for you. Make sure to pick the one that can keep your gaming process easier and better. Well, if you wanna ask for our opinion then you should definitely go for IKKO gems OH1S in-ear monitors because it incorporates every feature you need to enjoy the best gaming experience. So, what are you waiting for, Grab yours now!

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